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Thông báo CPTPP về việc tiếp nhận và xử lý các đơn thư của công chúng về vấn đề môi trường theo Điều 20.9

CPTPP Environment Chapter Notification on Public Submissions


1. Entity or entities responsible for receiving and responding to any written submissions from persons regarding the implementation of the Environment Chapter:

Organization: Viet Nam Environment Administration (VEA), Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment of Viet Nam (MONRE)

Address: No.10, Ton That Thuyet Street, Nam Tu Liem District, Ha Noi, Viet Nam

2. Making submissions:

Criteria of submissions to be eligible for consideration:

(a) Be in writing in one of the official languages of the Party receiving the submission;

(b) Clearly identify the person making the submission;

(c) Provide sufficient information to allow for the review of the submission including any documentary evidence on which the submission may be based;

(d) Explain how, and to what extent, the issue raised affects trade or investment between the Parties;

(e) Not raise issues that are the subject of ongoing judicial or administrative proceedings; and

(f) Indicate whether the matter has been communicated in writing to the relevant authorities of the Party and the Party’s response, if any.

3. Procedures for the receipt and consideration of written submissions

a) Procedures and specific timeframe (if any) to acknowledge receipt of a written submission

- Procedures:

+ Person submits written submissions regarding environment issues to VEA, MONRE.

+ VEA informs to acknowledge receipt of a written submission.

+ VEA assigns the focal agency and relevant agencies to respond to the written submissions.

- Specific timeframe: 7 - 10 working days.

b) Procedures and specific timeframe (if any) to assess the submission

- Procedures: VEA assigns the focal agency to assess the submission.

- Specific timeframe: at least 7 - 10 working days (depending on the environment issues of the written submissions)

c) Procedures and specific timeframe (if any) to response to the submitter

- Procedures:

+ VEA assigns the focal agency to response to the written submissions

+ The focal agency will request and collect comments and viewpoints from the relevant agencies about the written submissions.

+ The focal agency will finalize the official response to the written submissions and submit to the leader of VEA for approval.

+ VEA will inform the official respond to the submitter.

- Specific timeframe: For particularly complicated cases, the written submissions can be extended twice, each time not exceeding 30 days. Thus, the maximum time to consider and handle one case of domestic submission is no more than 90 days.

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